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TYDIOR™ SnuggleBug® - Hugs Your Fussy Baby To Sleep
TYDIOR™ SnuggleBug® - Hugs Your Fussy Baby To Sleep
TYDIOR™ SnuggleBug® - Hugs Your Fussy Baby To Sleep
TYDIOR™ SnuggleBug® - Hugs Your Fussy Baby To Sleep

TYDIOR™ SnuggleBug® - Hugs Your Fussy Baby To Sleep

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The Research and Development of this Project are Funded By The National Institutes of Health (NIH), a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


"Beware!  I guess I should have seen this coming. Once your baby meets a snuggle bug, they may never sleep without it! This pillow is so comfortable and huggable that my little one won't go anywhere without it. But honestly, it's worth it. snuggle bug has transformed our bedtime routine, helping my fussy sleeper stay asleep for longer stretches. Highly recommend!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Sam D. 
"I have to admit, I was skeptical about trying SnuggleBug first. I mean, come on, another baby pillow that promises to solve all of your sleep problems? Yeah, right. But let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised by how well this pillow works! My fussy baby who used to wake up every 10 minutes is now sleeping soundly for longer stretches. The soft, organic cotton material and adjustable headrest create a cozy and comfortable environment that my little one loves." - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Alex W. 


Why Do You Need A SnuggleBug®?

It's torture, isn't it?

Just close your eyes and imagine for a moment: You are in the womb, surrounded by warmth and comfort.

You're "snugly held" and constantly rocked to sleep, feeling safe and secure.

It's your little sanctuary - the only world you've ever known.

But then, suddenly, you're thrust into a new and unfamiliar environment.

Bright lights, strange sounds, and a complete lack of the cozy confines you once knew.

It's no wonder babies find it hard to sleep in a bassinet or on a normal bed!


How Does a SnuggleBug® help your baby?

Do you spend hours trying to get your fussy baby to sleep, only to have them wake up crying as soon as you put them down?

  • Does your baby wake up and cry multiple times during the night? 

  • Are you constantly worried about the risk of "rolling over" when leaving your baby to sleep?

  •  Do you find it hard to calm your always "crying baby"?

  • Is waking up constantly and losing sleep taking its toll on your life?  

  • Are you worried about your baby developing a flat head?  

  • Wish your little one could sleep anywhere comfortably without crying?    

Wish you could do all that 100% safely without spending a fortune

A dream? Absolutely not!    

    Say goodbye to sleepless nights with SnuggleBug®.

    Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy SnuggleBug® Right Now! 

    1) SnuggleBug® Hugs Your Baby To Sleep:   Reduces Separation Anxiety

    SnuggleBug® can help reduce separation anxiety by providing a comforting hug and a womb-like feel helping the baby feel more secure and calm, reducing startle reflexes, and leading to longer and more restful periods of sleep.

    • 👶 Soothing Arm Pillows: Our arm pillows on each side create a sense of safety and security for your baby, just like being cuddled by mom or dad. This helps your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


    2) Prevents The Risk of Flat-Head Syndrome

    SnuggleBug® features a  pediatrician-designed adjustable headrest that distributes pressure evenly over the skull while your baby sleeps on their back, helping to prevent flat head syndrome.

    This helps the baby develop the proper head shape and prevents the risk of the flat-head syndrome.
    • 👶 Adjustable Side Height Pillow:  You can customize your baby's sleeping position and ensure they're as comfortable as can be.

    3) Provides Ultimate Comfort Like The Womb for Up to 2 Years (Value for your money).

    The SnuggleBug® is made out of soft breathable fabric that keeps the back and neck areas of the baby cool. The adjustable design helps your babies for up to  2 years.



     Built-in cushioned edges are an essential part of the SnuggleBug® beneficial design.

    It creates a cocoon feel that reassures the baby and prevents the startle reflex and the risk of rolling over, also known as the Moro reflex.

    Finally, you can leave your baby to sleep with peace of mind.


    5) Super Safe Baby Skin Friendly & Long Lasting Material

    • 👶 Safety Fabric: Our safety fabric is free of harmful chemicals, formaldehyde, and peculiar smells, and provides a mite-free environment for your baby.

    6) Take It Anywhere: Machine Washable

    • 👶 Machine Washable: SnuggleBug® is easy to clean - simply place it in the washing machine and you're done!

    7) 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee (With Hassle-Free Returns & Refund)

    Try SnuggleBug® risk-free for 30 days.

    At TYDIOR™, we take pride in providing you with a high-quality and safe product that will help your baby sleep better.

    If you don't agree that SnuggleBug® helps your baby sleep better by preventing the startle reflexes and reducing the risk of developing a flat head syndrome or if you feel like it's not up to your expectation, please let us know within 30 days after you receive the package. 

    We will instantly process your refund with no questions asked.


    • Due to high demand worldwide, please allow 3-4 days for delivery to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and all European Union Countries.


    • What if I didn't like it?

    If you don't like it, email us at

    We have 24/7 customer support and we will provide the return address and we will instantly refund all your money back with no questions asked. We take a huge risk and loss by doing this but we trust you.

    No worries. Your satisfaction is our responsibility.

    •   Does it come with a warranty?
    Yes, of course. Your SnuggleBug® comes with a TYDIOR™ 12-month warranty.
    •  Where do you ship from?

    All orders are proudly shipped from the United States.

    • Can I have any further discounts?

    Currently, we are offering 50% OFF our original price for a limited time but if you order 2 pcs then an extra 20% discount + Free Shipping will be automatically applied to your order.

    • Can I buy this anywhere else?

    Due to high demand when new pieces come out, we could hardly keep them in stock, so we sell a limited number of pieces online only.

    So you can't buy the same pieces anywhere else.

    • How can I contact you?
    We are all ears when it comes to our customers.

    We are here to serve you. We have 24/7 customer support.

    No email goes unanswered. Feel free to contact us at
    • Is my payment information safe?

    All your payments are processed by PayPal or Stripe. Nobody even we have no access to any of your payment information. Also, we use encrypted SSL for our websites so that no third party can access any of your information.



    SnuggleBug® comes with TYDIOR™  100% Ironclad Money Back Guarantee. 

    At TYDIOR™, we're committed to providing your baby with the most comfortable and safe sleep experience.

    That's why we're offering a risk-free, unconditional money-back guarantee.

    If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with SnuggleBug® and its ability to help your baby sleep better by preventing the startle reflexes and drastically enhancing the sleeping time of your baby reducing the risk of the flat head syndrome, and alleviating stomach discomfort, simply reach out to our support team, and we'll provide a return address for a full and prompt refund, no questions asked.

    We stand behind our product and believe in its ability to enhance your baby's sleep.

    With our Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee, you can try CutieCoz® with complete confidence, knowing that you're protected.

    Don't miss out on the chance to give your baby the best sleep environment.

    Order CutieCoz® today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our Ironclad Guarantee & hassle-free refunds.


    In addition to our 30-day risk-free guarantee, we also offer a lifetime warranty for all SnuggleBug®.

    If you encounter any defects or issues with your product, just let us know and we'll promptly replace it for you.

    We use only the highest quality, premium organic cotton in our products to ensure that your baby is sleeping on the softest and safest materials.

    Our materials are free from harmful chemicals and irritants, so you can feel confident that your baby is sleeping soundly and safely.

    Order SnuggleBug® today and join the many satisfied parents who are raving about our product.

    With our 30-day risk-free guarantee, free returns, lifetime warranty, and premium organic materials, you can feel completely secure in your purchase.

    Say hello to sweet dreams for you and your little one with SnuggleBug®

    We won't feel right keeping your money so we make it super easy to get a same-day refund.
    You are protected with our zero-risk Ironclad Money Back Guarantee.

    We trust you and please don't misuse our guarantee. 
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Tracking number for every order
    • Safe Payments via PayPal®
    • Priority support via email (24/7)

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